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Workshop Examples:

Basic Stormz Workshops

$100 - Select the best options

A smart and fun decision-making workshop. Add your own options and ask people to spend a virtual $100 budget on the options they like the most. Using money, even if virtual, gives a very interesting dynamic.


2x2 Matrix - Categorize your ideas

The power of the 2x2 Matrix, Lowy, and Hood show that the 2x2 matrix lets you exploit the tension between 2 opposing forces as the prime source of problem-solving energy and direction. The 2x2 matrix helps you compare items by two independent attributes and to categorize them in four distinct quadrants.


Fun with Tetrads - Extend, Flip, Obsolesce and Retrieve a Concept

TETRAD is a 2X2 canvas where participants have to answer these questions:

  • EXTEND: What might it improve or make possible?

  • OBSOLESCE: What might it supplant, replace, or eliminate?

  • RETRIEVE: What might it revive, bring back from the past?

  • FLIP: What unexpected problems or opportunities might it create?


This framework is used to explore and augment a concept.

New, Useful, Feasible - Evaluate ideas, prototypes or strategies

The NUF evaluation is a decision making technique used to evaluate a set of options (ideas, prototypes, new products, market segments) along with three criteria:

  • New: is it new? Is it innovative?

  • Useful: does it solve an important problem or fulfill a real need?

  • Feasible: is it feasible? Do we have the opportunity, the skills, money or time to do it?

  • Then, based on the evaluation results, the team will try to find ways to improve the different options.


Post Lesson Reflection - Boost Learning by Reflecting Together on an Exercise

Studies prove that reflecting on an exercise or a lesson gives up to 20% better learning results.

This is a 2 steps session that alternates individual reflection and collective sharing around 4 questions:

  • What was easy about the exercise?

  • What was difficult about the exercise?

  • What strategies did I use to solve the problem?

  • What did I learn?


Retro’KISS - Quickly reflect on the past

Retro’KISS is a quick & simple retrospective technique that will help us to formalize the lessons we can learn from our recent experience and identify improvement actions.

Retro’KISS is a simpler alternative to the other more sophisticated Retrospective templates.

This workshop is part of our *KISS** (Keep it simple & stupid!) collection: Simple and straightforward sessions that we can run in no time.*. These templates are also well adapted for running *asynchronous online** sessions.*

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