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Ice-breakers and Energizers

Let's imagine the most amazing hamburger!

For this Stormz demonstration, we will tackle one of the toughest and biggest challenges in the world: Reinventing the hamburger!


We will do that in several steps:

  1. Generate ideas with a silent brainstorming technique

  2. Generate even more ideas with discussion, clustering and group brainstorming

  3. Vote on the most appealing ideas with the -3/+3 vote

  4. Select the top ideas

  5. Enrich ideas with the sections

  6. Evaluate ideas with the NUF test

  7. Discuss and reflect on the outcome

Mood Board - Visually illustrate the overall "feel" of an idea

Mood Board is a collaborative and creative activity that will enable a team to visually represent the feel of an idea (or challenge or trend or solution) with colors, photos, collage, and drawings.

Photostorming - Share a postcard with your team

The Photostorming is a short and enthusiastic interactive moment that will encourage your participants to write a postcard of your event to send to their colleagues who could not be present.

It is for them the opportunity to take a picture - a selfie for example! - and then write in a few words what they have learned and liked.

The Weather report - Assess the group's mood

The weather forecast is a quick 5 minutes activity that can be used as a starter or as a closing of a meeting to assess the participant's mood and discuss it.

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