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Interactive Events

KnoWonder - List What We Know & What We Wonder

KnoWonder is a simple yet powerful tool that will enable us to quickly capture what we know about our topic what we are still wondering about it. Then, we will know what we don't know and be able to plan data collection accordingly.


This activity usually takes place during:

  • The 'What's Going On' phase of a Productive Thinking project

  • The 'Gather data' phase of a Creative Problem Solving project

  • The 'Empathy' phase of a Design Thinking project

  • The 'Measure' phase of a Six Sigma project

  • As an 'Opening activity' of an Interactive Event or meeting

Live Stream - Capture the Highlights of your Event

‘Live Stream is a simple way to capture the highlights of an event, a workshop or a meeting. It creates a textual and visual memory of the event. Participants (and organizers) can:

  • Add their thoughts

  • Comment and "like" others' contributions

  • Add photos of the best moments

  • Quote speakers or and important verbatim of a discussion in a subgroup

Mood Board - Visually illustrate the overall "feel" of an idea

Mood Board is a collaborative and creative activity that will enable a team to visually represent the feel of an idea (or challenge or trend or solution) with colors, photos, collage, and drawings.

Open Space Technology - Collaborate with purpose

The Open Space Technology (OST) is an approach to purpose-driven leadership, including a way for hosting meetings, open forum, conferences and community summit events. It will enable an audience to focus on a specific purpose without any formal agenda, beyond the overall purpose or theme.

In this collaborative session, the audience is divided into small groups of discussion which have to write a report about their exchange.


Although one can't predict specific outcomes, it's always highly productive for whatever issue people want to attend to.

The BarCamp methodology and the unconference are conceptually similar to Open Space Technology (OST).

Photostorming - Share a postcard with your team

The Photostorming is a short and enthusiastic interactive moment that will encourage your participants to write a postcard of your event to send to their colleagues who could not be present.

It is for them the opportunity to take a picture - a selfie for example! - and then write in a few words what they have learned and liked.

Questions & Answers

This simple interactive session can be used to augment a presentation by gathering questions from the audience. Q/A sessions using a digital application have proved to generate much more questions than the traditional way.

This is an open session where every participant can see other’s questions so that they can comment or like/dislike (with the +1 or -1 button) the questions. One of the benefits is that the speaker can then focus on the most “liked” questions.

This Q/A session can either be run during or after the presentation.


Stop / Keep / Start - Make choices for the future

A retrospective is a technique for assessing a project, an agile sprint or any other kind of event. The "Stop - Keep - Start" retrospective is based on 3 questions:

What should we stop doing?

What should we start doing?

What should we keep doing?

Surprised, delighted, concerned - Gather feedback from your audience

This simple interactive workshop can be used to augment a presentation by gathering qualitative feedback from the audience and fostering a discussion based on how they perceived the content.

This session is designed to be run right after the presentation.

The Weather report - Assess the group's mood

The weather forecast is a quick 5 minutes activity that can be used as a starter or as a closing of a meeting to assess the participant's mood and discuss it.

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