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Workshop Examples:

Productive Thinking

KnoWonder - List What We Know & What We Wonder

KnoWonder is a simple yet powerful tool that will enable us to quickly capture what we know about our topic what we are still wondering about it.

Then, we will know what we don't know and be able to plan data collection accordingly.


Fun with Tetrads - Extend, Flip, Obsolesce and Retrieve a Concept

TETRAD is a 2X2 canvas where participants have to answer these questions:

  • EXTEND: What might it improve or make possible?

  • OBSOLESCE: What might it supplant, replace, or eliminate?

  • RETRIEVE: What might it revive, bring back from the past?

  • FLIP: What unexpected problems or opportunities might it create?


This framework is used to explore and augment a concept.


POWER - Power-up your ideas!

POWER is a tool that we will use to power-up the most appealing solution that came from our ideation session.

POWER asks five basic questions:

  • Positives: What’s good about the idea? Why might it succeed?

  • Objections: What are the idea’s flaws? Why might it fail?

  • What else?: What else might be in the idea that hasn’t been articulated yet?

  • Enhancements: How might the positives be made even stronger?

  • Remedies: How might the objections be overcome?


By answering these questions, we will be able to come up with an improved solution.


This activity usually takes place during:

  • The Forge the Solutions phase of a Productive Thinking project

  • The Formulate Solutions phase of a Creative Problem Solving project

  • The Ideate or Prototype phase of a Design Thinking project

  • The Improve phase of a Six Sigma DMAIC project

  • An Interactive Event, or meeting, as a way to give quick feedback after a presentation of a project or a strategy


Wall of Time - Quickly list and organize the tasks of a project

The Wall of Time is a tool used to quickly organize a list of all the possible tasks and subtasks required to implement a (previously defined) solution. One of the interesting aspects of this tool is that only the future implementer of a task can decide to move it to the final planning. This activity usually takes place during:

  • An early Planning phase of any kind of Project

  • The Align Resource phase of a Productive Thinking project

  • The Formulate the Plan phase of a Creative Problem Solving project

  • As a Closing activity of an Interactive Event or meeting

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