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Workshop Examples:
Project Management

CPS Step 6 - Formulate the Plan

Formulate a plan is the sixth and last step of the Creative Problem Solving process. Its purpose is to explore acceptance and identify resources and actions that will support the implementation of the selected solution(s).

In this workshop, the team will go through:

A) A divergent phase to generate as many actions as possible. To do so, they will use the Assistor/Resistor, technique followed by a reverse brainstorming.

B) A convergent phase to formalize an action plan with short term, medium term and long term actions.


Develop Your Team! Use LEGO® Visuals to Improve Your Team

Develop Your Team! is a team building activity that uses LEGO® Visuals to generate meaningful discussion among team members.

These awesome photos are based on a deck of cards designed by Strategic Play Group Ltd.

Go / No Go - Validate options

In general, Go / No Go testing refers to a pass/fail test (or check) principle.

Each proposition is tested according to several criteria in order to agree on whether the project advance to the next phase or not.

The Go / No Go meeting is a critical milestone in a project plan and the criteria must be well defined and be less subject to interpretation as possible.

Evaluations involving numerical scores convert raw scores to Go / No Go based on cutoffs defined before the workshop.

Usually, an item must score Go on all criteria of evaluation in order to advance to the next phase.

Stakeholders - Identify Assistors & Resistors

The Assistors & Resistors technique will enable us to identify the people and/or organizations that could either help (Assistors) or prevent(Resistors) the implementation of our solution. In this collaborative session, we will:

  • Brainstorm on a list of stakeholders

  • Identify if they are Assistors or Resistors and, more importantly, understand why

  • Select a few Assistors and Resistors we should focus on

  • Reflect on the outcome and decide on the next steps.


Value Board - Define who you are

The Value Board will allow you to define yourself in relation to images already present in the workshop rather than to look for them in your environment as for a MoodBoard. Each image will come to question your perceptions and your relation to your environment, allowing you to finally reflect on your motivations.


This workshop will make you work on your common values and your models of inspirations to engage you in everyday virtuous practices.

Wall of Time - Quickly list and organize the tasks of a project

The Wall of Time is a tool used to quickly organize a list of all the possible tasks and subtasks required to implement a (previously defined) solution. One of the interesting aspects of this tool is that only the future implementer of a task can decide to move it to the final planning.

This activity usually takes place during:

  • An early Planning phase of any kind of Project

  • The Align Resource phase of a Productive Thinking project

  • The Formulate the Plan phase of a Creative Problem Solving project

  • As a Closing activity of an Interactive Event or meeting

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