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Workshop Examples:

KnoWonder - List What We Know & What We Wonder

KnoWonder is a simple yet powerful tool that will enable us to quickly capture what we know about our topic what we are still wondering about it.

Then, we will know what we don't know and be able to plan data collection accordingly.

Retro'KISS - Quickly reflect on the past

Retro'KISS is a quick & simple retrospective technique that will help us to formalize the lessons we can learn from our recent experience and identify improvement actions.

Retro'KISS is a simpler alternative to the other more sophisticated Retrospective templates.

This workshop is part of our KISS (Keep it simple & stupid!) collection: simple and straightforward sessions that you can run in no time.* These templates are also well adapted for running asynchronous online sessions.

Stop / Keep / Start - Make choices for the future


A retrospective is a technique for assessing a project, an agile sprint or any other kind of event. The "Stop - Keep - Start" retrospective is based on 3 questions:


  • What should we stop doing?

  • What should we start doing?

  • What should we keep doing?

Retrospective - Learn from the past

A retrospective is a technique for assessing a project, an agile sprint or any other kind of event. It helps teams formalizing lessons learned and crafting recommendations for the future.

Surprised, delighted, concerned - Gather feedback from your audience

This simple interactive workshop can be used to augment a presentation by gathering qualitative feedback from the audience and fostering a discussion based on how they perceived the content.

This session is designed to be run right after the presentation.


The Weather report - Assess the group's mood

The weather forecast is a quick 5 minutes activity that can be used as a starter or as a closing of a meeting to assess the participant's mood and discuss it.

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